Wireless Charger For iPhone X - Samsung Galaxy Note 8  - S8 S7 S6 Edge

Wireless Charger For iPhone X - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - S8 S7 S6 Edge


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Hate wires? Well you're not alone. It's already 2018 and going wireless is the way to go!

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Experience faster, safer, and hassle-free charging with our Wireless Charger Kit!


Our Wireless Charger Kit allows you to charge compatible phones without plugging a cable on your phone. Instead, you will plug a docking station going to a power source. You can charge your phone afterwards by just putting it on top of the docking station!

We have 3 different Wireless Charger Kit - select the one that matches your usage habit!

1. Round Standard: round-shaped docking station that supports standard charging current (5V/1A). Perfect for those that charges a few times a day without the need to use their phone while charging.

2. Round - Quick Charge: round-shaped docking station that supports both standard charging current (5V) and quick charge (9V). Perfect for those that are always on the go and need a quick charge every now and then.

3. Standing - Dual Coil: rectangle-shaped docking station that is almost the same size of your phone. It has 2 modes:

     3.1 - Vertical- Dual Coil: You charge your phone in a vertical position while the dock is also in standing position. Perfect for using your phone (browsing, texting) while charging.

     3.2 - Horizontal - Single Coil: You charge your phone in a horizontal position while the dock is also in standing position. Due to the difference in their positions, your phone's battery will come in contact with a single coil instead of two. Perfect for watching with your phone while charging.

     3.3 - Base-Dual Coil: Both dock and phone lie down on your table. Perfect for charging without the need to use your phone.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Our Wireless Charger Kits have passed different Quality Certifications including CCC,CE,RoHS and FCC.

- Smart charging: automatically stops when your phone is at 100% to prevent over charging while saving up electricity costs.

- Secure design: our kits have built-in magnetic separating discs for maximum protection against electrical surge and radiation.

USB Ports: 1
Output Interface: USB
Output: 5V/1A
Quality Certification: 
Type: Wireless Charger
Color: Black, White
Phone model1: For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Note 5 S8 Plus S7 S6 Edge Edge+
Phone model2: For Nexus 6 5 4 / LG G2 G3 G10 / Moto 360 / HTC E9 8X Butterfly
Phone model3: For Huawei W3 / Nokia Lumia 820 /920/1020/1520/822
Phone model4: For iPhone X 8 Plus , For Sony Z4 Z3

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