Athlete's Hub - Phone Waist Pouch

Athlete's Hub - Phone Waist Pouch


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In today's world, having your phone within an arm's reach is almost a necessity. As someone who needs to have my phone on standby due to my field of work, storing it properly during workouts and biking session can be a real trouble at times. We're sure you can relate! But worry no more as the Secret Shops got you covered!

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Storing your phone while having continuous access has never been this easy! Might it be you want to listen to your fave workout music, needs real time access to your phone due to work, waiting for an expected important call that you can't miss at all cost, or just want to stay up to the date with what's latest - our Phone Pouch is here to be with you anytime you want.

You can also store your locker room keys or gym fob!

- No more leaving your phone in the locker room.

- No more storing your phone in your shorts or jacket where it can interfere with your range of motion, or worse, take a dive to the floor!

- No direct contact with your sweat and skin during intense workout.

- Elastic fabric for maximum comfort and fit.

- Lightweight - you'll forget that you're wearing something on your waist!

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