360 Full Body Dog Washer Spa Kit - Wash Your Dogs In A Flash!

360 Full Body Dog Washer Spa Kit - Wash Your Dogs In A Flash!


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Dogs will always be dogs. A few minutes of walk here, a little bit of running there. Chasing cats while you're gone, and burying that bone in the backyard for later. Before you know it, your dog's once elegant fur has turned to a canvass of soil, dirt, dust, and whatever other stuffs that need to go fast. And we something for you to do this in just a few minutes without much effort!

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- No more messy bath sessions using the old hose and bucket method.

- Water streams act as a dog massager to relax their body for that after-bath nap!

- 360 degrees of awesome and relaxing full body cleaning.

- Comes with liquid shampoo holder for a complete doggy washing experience!


Let your dog run, burrow, and play. Life is too short to stop them from enjoying the little things in life just because you don't want them to get dirty

Additional Details:

Item Type: Pet Bath Sprayers
Color: Blue, Gray
Size: S L
Weight: 460g 590g
Material: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel
Feature: Eco-friendly
Applicable to Dog Breed: Universal

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