20 Seeds Per Pack - Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree

20 Seeds Per Pack - Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree


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Welcome to The Secret Garden Shop! As part of our "A Year To Be Green" program, we are giving out stocks of our best selling seeds pack for FREE! Just pay the small international shipping fee. This is our way of encouraging people to start their own gardens right at their own homes!

The Japanese Red Maple – Acer Palmatum – This maple is native to China and Japan. Its botanical name comes from its leaves, which have 5 or more deep lobes and vaguely resemble a human hand. It is a popular bonsai subject in Japan. The bark on young branches and trunks is usually green (may be red on some varieties) and turns brown or light gray with age. There are many different varieties of A. palmatum, including thread-leaf and lace-leaf varieties and both green and red varieties. The red varieties seem to be more popular as bonsai.

The Japanese Red Maple should be placed where it will receive morning or evening sun but will not be in direct sunlight at the height of summer, and do not water in direct sun. The delicate foliage can “burn” if exposed to direct summer sun. It may be that maple leaves turn brown and curl when exposed to direct sun due to the presence of dissolved minerals in the water supply which build up in the leaves. The traditional opinion has been that the burning effect happens because of water droplets acting like a lens to concentrate the sunlight. Anecdotal evidence can be found to support either point of view. 

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.

We all know that day when we planted the first seed. How we wanted to finally see it grow soon. But  days will turn to weeks. Weeks turn to months. With each passing day, you observe how the mere seeds in a pot of soil slowly grow while trying to reach the sky. The first root. Then the leaf and stem. The first bud. The first flower. After all the days and nights of continuous nurturing and efforts, it finally paid off - a satisfying feeling one can only get after seeing that tiny seed finally become a full grown blossom in such mystifying way nothing short of a miracle. And we want to repeat all those things over and over again. It started with a single pot. Two. Three. Before you realize it, you have now a full pledge garden right in your backyard. Of course you still want more. That's why you're viewing this website right? Well you came to the right place.

Pictures shown in our site are taken from partner gardens that are maintained by people  with years of experience and knowledge in gardening. We want all our visitors to achieve the same results and as such, we encourage you to have some read through of the best practices and tips on the art of gardening. Every plants and flowers have different needs and it will take a lot of learning, patience and practice to achieve the best possible outcomes. We wish you all the luck. Have fun and happy planting! 

Product Type: Bonsai
Classification: Novel Plant
Use: Indoor Plants
Type: Woody Plants
Preferred Location: Indoors
Size: Small,Medium,Large
Style: Perennial
Full-bloom Period: None
Function: Aesthetics
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Climate: Temperate
Flowerpot: Planted with Pot
Product Type: Bonsai
Variety: Red Maple Tree

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